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5 Benefits of Knowing Sold Prices in Toronto

Are you not sure what to do with your knowledge of sold prices in Toronto?

You’ve jumped on and found plenty of helpful information on homes that have got purchased in the various suburbs around the city. From properties in Hamiltion going for $600,000 to places Forest Hill going for over two million, the database provides you with everything you need to know about successful real estate sales.

But what benefit is this to you? Whether you’re considering putting your house on the market or looking for an investment opportunity, knowing the sold prices in Toronto has many advantages. Here are just some of them. 

  1. Knowing How Much to List Your Home For

The most obvious benefit of finding out sold prices in Toronto is that it can give you an indication of how much your home is worth. With this knowledge, you can discuss with your real estate what you believe the listing price should be and provide this information as evidence as to how much you think you can get for it.

  1. Understanding What Type of Property is in Your Budget

Another good use of sold prices in Toronto is when you’re searching for a new home. For example, you might have your heart set on living in a place like The Annex. But do you know if you can afford to? The best way to find out is by searching for properties sold in the area at and getting an indication if it’s in your budget. 

  1. Learning What Renovations You Need to Do to Get the Price You Want

Not only do you get information on sold prices in Toronto at, but you can also learn more about the type of properties that are on the market. You’re able to find out the dimensions as well as how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in the places that have sold. If your home is of a similar age and size, then you’ll be able to see what renovations you may need to do to your property to meet buyer expectations. 

  1. Discovering What Areas Might Be a Good Investment

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first investment or your next one, getting an understanding of sold prices in Toronto can help you know what areas are worth keeping an eye on and which ones you should avoid. You’ll see the sales history of a property to find out if the value is increasing, remaining flat, or is getting sold at a loss. 

  1. Choosing the Right Time to Sell

Watching properties get sold in your area is an excellent way to decide when the right time is for you to put your home up for sale. If you’re noticing houses going for above market value, then that means it’s time to speak to your real estate agent. However, if you see places advertised for some time, then it might be worth holding off until you see some more green dots in your area.

Where Can You Find Sold Prices in Toronto?

It used to be almost impossible to find sold prices in Toronto. Previously, it was illegal for brokerages and estate agents to publish how much a property went for. But times have changed. Now you can search to find the sales data you need to make the right decision about your property for you and your family.